Literary REVIEWS
Mahasti Shahrokhi Novel titled: A
shawl as long the silk road

Fernando Pessoa, Creator of his
Heteronyms,  In Sharhrvand
Publication, 12/23/2005

Introducing Sohrab Sepehri's
Poetry By Dr. Ahmad
Karimi-Hakkak, (CD and DVD
collection), In Shahrvand
Publication, August 19, 2005

"Mossadegh experience in view of
Future Iran", a book containing
lectures about the subject, In
Shahrvand Publication 7/29/2005

"Freedom" a Book of Poetry by
Octavio Paz,   translation by Hasan
Fayad, In Shahrvand Publication,

Poetry by Marina Tsvetaeva, a
literary review i 5/11/2004

"Mesle Man" by, Partow Noori Ala,
Book Review  4/2/2004

"The Bathouse", By Farnoosh
Moshiri,  Book Review in
Shahrvand Publication, 3/5/2004

Clarice Lispector, A literary review,

"Vagina Monologues", a Book and
Theater review i12/10/2002
"Against Gravity", A Book By
Farnoosh Moshiri, review of
this book by Ezzat in

"Iranians in Chicagoland", A
book by Hamid Akbari and
Azar Khounani  In
Shahrvand Publication,
Ezzat Goushegir
Iranian Woman Writer and playwright
Literary REVIEWS
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