Ezzat Goushegir, received her M.F.A from the Theater Department of
the University of Iowa, is a playwright, author and film critic.  She has
published six books (in Farsi), including two collections of short stories
“The Woman, the Room, and Love”- “… And suddenly the leopard
cried: WOMAN”, a collection of two plays “Metamorphosis and Maryam’
s Pregnancy”, and “Migration in the sun”, a book of poetry. Three of
her plays (In English) were anthologized in Witness and Crawdad in
She began her career in theatre as a playwright since 1976 when her
play “Beginning of Bloom” was produced at Iranian National
Television, followed by the “Middle East Odyssey” at Culture and Art
Hall in Tehran.  

Immigrating to the U.S. she wrote both in English and Farsi, where she
has been writing both in English and Farsi and her plays have been
produced by a variety of theater companies in the U.S., Europe, China
and the Philippines including “Maryam’s pregnancy”, which won a
Richard Maibaum award and “Behind the curtains”, recipient at a
Norman Felton award.  Among her many activities, she is a regular
contributor to literary journals, and her writing has appeared in
publications in Iran, Europe, and Canada.  She was a Fellow Writer in
the Iowa City International Writing Program, contributed in the
Conference of International Women’s Playwrights, was a Writer-in-
Residence at the University of Maryland, also has been a co-director
and dramaturge of a reading series at New Federal Theatre in New
York. She is the member of “The Dramatists Guild of America” and
“The Association of Writers and Writing Program”.

Currently she teaches at (SNL)DePaul University in Chicago.

Ezzat Goushegir
Iranian Woman Writer and playwright